At Juver, we care about the health of our consumers. Therefore, we do not add sugar, preservatives, or coloring to our products. We only choose the best fruit, that’s why they are so good!

All our products are gluten, nut and egg-free.

Our Fruit + Milk product range is the only one that contains lactose.

At Juver, we pay careful consideration to those consumers who have intolerances to certain substances (gluten, lactose, milk proteins, etc…). Therefore, we have implemented numerous measures that allow us to ensure the elimination of any cross-contamination.

Yes, all our products are pasteurized.

According to the WHO, the recommended daily dose is 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

One glass contains approximately 1 portion of fruit.

No. No Juver brand products contain added sugars.

As the juice is made from fruit, it contains fructose, which is the sugar naturally present in fruit.


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